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Who We Are

I love teaching children how to cook.

I have been teaching cooking classes for kids for over 7 years now.

It’s not just about cooking. It’s about giving children a sense of accomplishment , self worth, it boosts their confidence and that is what I love most about it. 

Learning an important skill for life is the bonus.

Lisa x

In 2011, a thought from my eldest daughter inspired me to turn her dream into a reality. 

She simply said ” I would love to do cookery lessons…” and here we are!

I love reading the comments and answering questions from the members. Children naturally bring so much fun to online learning!


To find out more about how to join, click here

cooking classes for kids
cooking classes for kids

Our Mission

To teach children a really important life skill.

To take fear out of the kitchen so they know they can do anything, one recipe at a time. 

To open up the world of food, flavours and fun!

We hear you… we’ll teach them to clean up too 😉

To bring our cooking classes for kids all around the world 

cooking classes for kids
cooking classes for kids

Did you know?

An adult who has learned how to cook as a young person is more likely to have a healthier diet, prepare better meals for their own families and are less likely to eat fast food?  Your child will grow up being familiar with food preparation, have knowledge about good food and nutrition which will benefit them for life.

Why do we do what we do? We love teaching kids to cook

We are always trying to find new ways to get children involved in the kitchen. It is good for their development, self-esteem and gives them quality time with family.

We provide cooking classes for kids so they can learn at their own pace. Kids Cook Cooking Club can be used in whatever way suits them best. To find out more about how to join, click here

There’s nothing better than leaving space for your child to chat while preparing a meal together. It is so much fun teaching children how to cook! It is rewarding, the joy it has brought to many children over the years is amazing. We have seen the positive impact it has on them and their families.

As mothers we understand and value the successes, no matter how small, of the children who have been in our classes over the years. It’s all about the kids!

Lisa & Anne-Marie x

“As a busy Mum I never really made time to cook or bake with my kids. Joined Kids Cook Club during lockdown and it’s been fantastic. Kids love Lisa’s classes, not too long thus keeping kids attention, great for maths, following instructions, a life skill and fun! Highly recommend.”

Mum of two

“We love Kids Cook Club, it’s fun and we get to learn how to make lots of healthy food and some nice treats too! The class is easy to follow and if you miss one you can play it back anytime. Thank you Lisa and Anne Marie” 

Emily & Seán
Aged 9 & 8

“Our daughter Alannah, aged 11, has been online doing classes every week with Lisa and Anne Marie, learning amazing baking and cooking skills. She has got so good at cooking, from which all of us enjoy 5 star results, and her confidence has excelled so much. She really enjoys every moment and can’t wait till classes come around, and this is all down to Lisa and Anne Marie from Kids Cook. Thank you! 

Linda & Alannah

What We Offer

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cooking classes for kids