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Kiddikutter safety knife for children

Do you want to keep your children safe while teaching them about different foods and how to help in the kitchen?

Read on to find out about the Kiddikutter, the safety knife for children that makes life easier and healthier.

It can be scary worrying about cut little fingers. KiddiKutter knives change that so your mini chefs can join in and create their own dishes safely.

What is a Kiddikutter?

A Kiddikutter is an award-winning food safety knife for children that won’t cut skin.

KiddiKutters are especially designed with rounded serrations so they cut food – not fingers.  They come with a food-grade non-stick coating and a BPA free easy grip handle. They are also dishwasher safe.

They have been tested extensively to help ensure that they’re safe for your children to use. They have passed Australian, European, French, German and US safety testing.

How does this safety knife for children work?

 KiddiKutters work by using a sawing action. They are not sharp, and they won’t chop, but they will allow children to slice and dice fruit and vegetables and cut up their food. Even though there are no sharp edges, your KiddiKutter can cut through everything from a tomato to a steak. It’s able to do this by using rounded teeth and an easy sawing motion.

Kids as young as three can help you in the kitchen without you worrying about cuts and injuries.

What does a Kiddikutter look like?

KiddiKutter food safety knives have a child friendly design with bright colours, rounded serrations, and no sharp edges.

You can choose from eight bold and bright colours that your kids will love including blue, green, pink, orange, purple, dusty pink, charcoal and red. It is 18 cms long, making it perfect for little hands to grip and use.

What age group are they used for?

KiddiKutters are perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens and those with special needs. Kids as young as three can help you in the kitchen without you worrying about cuts and injuries.

Why would I give my child a Kiddikutter?

If your child is involved in preparing and cooking food, they are more likely to try new foods.

They are a fantastic tool to strengthen fine motor skills, cutting and slicing fruit and vegetables. It will also encourage your children to taste new things.

It will give them a great feeling of achievement that they have helped with mealtimes for themselves and their family.

Since KiddiKutters can also cut through meat when used with a sawing action, they are ideal to use as cutlery. Let children use them at the dinner table to boost their self-confidence and teach them independent eating habits.

Kiddikutter safety knives in Kids Cook Cooking Club

Before moving our business online, we ran a cookery school for children for 6 years. One of our greatest finds was the Kiddikutter safety knife. We were the first stockist in Ireland.

We continue to sell them from our online shop as we think they are a must have for getting your children involved in food prep from a young age. It’s a no brainer, safety first!

No matter who we had in our cookery school, they could all use the Kiddikutters.

Preschoolers –

Lisa: “I need help making food for my rabbit, she loves her carrots and broccoli cut up really small”

Kids: “We will help you!”

We loved this activity for many reasons – it’s a brilliant exercise to strengthen fine motor skills, build hand eye co-ordination, gives the children time to chat with us and each other as we helped them. Best of all? They loved gathering it all up in a big bowl for my rabbit!

School age –

Lisa: “Who knows what chips are made of?”

Kids: “POTATOES!!”

Lisa: “Who wants to make their own chips?”

Kids: “We do!!”

Bowls of potatoes are passed around and chips are cut… some wedges, some cubes, some skinny chips all with lots of excitement waiting for the sizzle when they hit the baking tray!

Tweens –

The best thing about the tween classes was giving them some instruction, leaving it up on the board and letting them at it! Tweens want to chat amongst themselves and feel independent in the kitchen. We guided them gently to a successful lunch! We had no worries as they cut and chopped everything, they all had their own Kiddikutter. After all their prepping and cooking they sat together and ate their meal. What we do at Kids Cook is so much more than cooking…..

Children of all ages with special needs –

Safety is so important and the Kiddikutter has you covered!

Teach children about different textures, build their confidence as well as their motor skills.  This was a gamechanger for many children who otherwise had never cut or chopped fruit or vegetables.

5 stars from me

To see what colours are in stock and to order, click here.

Lisa (Kids Cook owner and teacher)

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