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Live classes this week!

Hi there members,

And the good weather continues, hope you are able to make the most of it!

Coming up this week (Click class for recipe):

Tuesday 15th June 4.30pm – Paella

This is a simpler recipe, I think, for children to make. A ‘proper’ carbonara usually doesn’t have cream but it can be tricky to master and serve.

Our priority is success for kids in the kitchen so this recipe will give them that!

Saturday 19th June 11am – Rock Road Mancakes

This was one of my favourite classes in the cookery school.

Why not recreate what we did and have your child bake along with their dad, grandad, stepdad, uncle, it is the best fun.

Getting¬†dad’s out of their comfort zone and creating unforgettable memories for your children, its a winner for sure!

Recipes can also be found on the live calendar 😊




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