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perfect pancakes
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Make simple, easy pancakes with your kids!

Learn how to make perfect pancakes with your kids

A simple, easy recipe is the best place to start with kids in the kitchen. Pancakes is a perfect recipe because, well, who doesn’t love pancakes!

Its also perfect because the children can do everything themselves up to the point of cooking. You will need to join in when the frying pan comes out.

You only need three ingredients, and your children can do the rest. Here is what you need:

Plain Flour or Self-raising flour (whatever you have)



Do you need lots of fancy equipment to make perfect pancakes?

No! Here is what you need:

A large mixing bowl

A whisk

*A cup

Frying pan


*The cup is your measuring tool, we always use a simple, average plastic cup. Use any cup you have in the kitchen, whatever is easiest for your child to hold and pour from.

If the bag of flour is too tricky for your child to get to, pour it into a big bowl. Have the milk in something easy to pour from.

Tips to making pancakes simple and fun:

Clear your workspace

Use the kitchen table if your children can reach it better

Have the ingredients and equipment out before you call your child to start

Have your head in the zone! Be there, know that this is what you are doing and going to enjoy for the next 30/45 minutes.

Tasks for your child:

Fill your cup with flour and empty into the large mixing bowl

Now fill your cup with milk and pour carefully into the bowl

Take an egg and crack into the cup first, then pour into the bowl

Good job!

Take your whisk and start slowly so you keep the flour in the bowl and whisk the mixture. As it comes together, you can whisk faster until its lovely and smooth. You will need lots of muscles so keep whisking!

Tips to keep your child interested in kitchen tasks:

Let them take a break if their hand is sore

Swop hands if that helps

Jump in and do the hard part so they finish it and feel the satisfaction of making the mixture smooth!

If you would like to download and print this simple pancake recipe to keep at home, click here.

Time to cook these perfect pancakes!

If you have never made pancakes before, don’t worry, it’s not automatic that you will get it first time. That’s part of the fun, the first one might be a disaster, but it leads to success and you, and your kids will feel great!


Turn the heat on to medium/high. Have a plate warming in the oven.

I choose to use vegetable/sunflower oil for pancakes, just enough to coat the base of the pan really lightly. I often have a little pot by the hob so if I add too much oil, I pour it out and use it for the next pancake. I top up between pancakes but only with a really small quantity of oil.

There are two reasons why I don’t use butter:

– its fiddly to keep watching that it doesn’t burn

– my daughter doesn’t like butter.

Heat your pan first, then add the oil. Wait until its hot but not smoking. It’s perfectly acceptable to sacrifice your first pancake for the good of the batch. That’s an unwritten rule of pancakes!

Add a tablespoon of mixture to the pan, depending on how much your batter flows, you may need to give it a little push with the spoon to spread a little. It should sizzle a little around the edges and you will notice bubbles bursting after a few seconds. When the surface has a lot of bubbles forming and bursting, flip it over.

If your child is doing it, make sure they get the flipper all the way under the pancake and flip. I find when kids are learning to flip anything in a pan, they need space in the pan. They often need practice to flip something back into the same space it was. Pancakes is great practice for this.

When your pancake is nice and golden, take it out and put on the warm plate.

Now you are making pancakes! You decide if you want to put 3 or 4 in the pan at one time. Go at whatever pace suits you and your child. You might end up making most of them but that’s ok, your child has made pancakes and that’s what counts.

Kids love flipping pancakes

To take away any worry about this, here’s what I do.

I have a mini frying pan that is light and easy to hold. I make the first pancake, let it cool, give it to the kids to flip in the cold mini pan. No need to hover waiting for burnt fingers! See, the first one is the sacrifice whether its not cooked properly or its flipping fun for the kids! It will end up on the floor or hitting the ceiling but its worth it to hear the laughs and squeals of delight.

Make them all and keep warm in a low oven on a plate. This way, you get to sit and enjoy with your family away from the pan.

What will you serve with these perfect pancakes?

Pancakes are served in my house with any of the following depending on the day:

Lemon wedges, sugar, chocolate spread, maple syrup, golden syrup, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, toasted almond slivers, caramelised bananas, whipped cream, icecream, stewed fruit.

If you would like to try a different recipe for pancakes, click here to watch Lisa make buttermilk pancakes. 

To download the recipe for buttermilk pancakes, click here.

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