Kids Cook Oven Glove

We think this is a great oven glove for kids!

As we teach children about safety in the kitchen, we have to take a leap sometime and allow them deal with the hot stuff! We found this oven glove for kids and tried and tested it with out children. It’s lovely and soft allowing it to bend easily and shape around a hot plate. We always encourage children to be careful and with this oven glove, they can learn to become more confident in the kitchen.

Useful kitchen oven glove for kids in cotton material with one side rubber material.
Full Colour Kids Cook Logo on glove

Colour:Green with black protective rubber

Dimensions: 30cms long, 16 cms wide (from bottom of thumb across)


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Anne Marie and Lisa have tested this glove in their kitchen with their kids. The children aged 10, 12 and 14 can easily use it too. It is a lovely soft glove making it easier to manage. The rubber part is on one side and it works well keeping the heat away from hands.

This oven glove for kids is made for a right hand to use.

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Dimensions 30 × 16 cm


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