Virtual Classes

When you sign up to Kids Cook Cooking Club you will join a community of children that cook and have fun doing it! You're in the right place if you want virtual cooking classes for kids

We have a club that you and your children will love. It's so much more than cooking.

You may already be looking for activities for your children during the summer, it’s hard to entertain them for 3 whole months.

We have you covered.

We will keep your children entertained. And you fed!

Here’s what’s on offer….

Weekly live classes

Lots of videos from our video library

Summer fun, menu making, games and more…

Your child will take part in our picnic week, barbecue week, cooking for friends & “fake away” week.

By the end of the summer your kitchen will be “jam” packed with lots of new recipes and fun memories.

Our virtual cooking classes  for kids are fun and interactive.

My team and I love teaching children how to cook and we are good at it.

Classes are done at a slow, relaxed pace so all ages can follow along.

We have children of all ages in our Cooking Club. The younger or less experienced cooks may need help setting up or with some kitchen appliances. Older and more experienced cooks manage well on their own. You know your child best.

Want to meet Lisa and Anne-Marie? Click here to read all about us.

boy rolling pastry

How do these virtual cooking classes for kids work?

All our classes are private and only available to members.

We use a private streaming service called Vimeo for our live classes, we wanted the most secure and safe way to teach your children.

Its simple, your children see us, we can’t see them.

They can use the comment box to ask questions, say hello, get a shoutout!

Recipes are just a click away for every class. There is a download button on each class and this is where you will find the recipe. 


Why join our online summer cooking programme for kids?

You can use it to suit your schedule, all throughout the summer

You will be amazed at what your child will learn

Your child will really enjoy it

It’s incredible value, to join click here

We are looking forward to cooking and baking with your children, this programme will keep them entertained for the whole summer. 

This is the best part, if you miss any of our scheduled live classes, don’t worry you can watch it again! All our live classes are available for you to watch as many times as you want!

What's included?

Once you’re a member, you will have access to:

We may add more content from time to time if we think it would be fun for your kids!

Monthly Subscription

9.99 Monthly
  • Change your plan anytime
  • Cancel Any Time

Annual Subscription

90 Yearly
  • Works out at only €7.50 p/m!
  • Cancel Any Time
Best Value
We have more membership options available in our shop. Have a browse and see what works best for you!

What's on?

carrot and lentil soup
Class  Members Only
Class Broadcast:
Saturday, September 25
apple cake
Class  Members Only
Class Broadcast:
Tuesday, September 28
oatmeal cookies
Class  Members Only
Class Broadcast:
Saturday, October 2
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